Keep your business and employees safe

A door access control system requires pre-approved verification to unlock the door and gain entry into a room, card access is the most common of these systems. This gives complete control over who is allowed entry (or not) to vital sectors of your company.

A modern office requires protection of electronic information, records, inventory, trade secrets, and expensive machinery. Only a select trusted group should have access to these assets, and they must be supervised. We can install a door access control system for anyone; from a small office to an entire business park, anywhere in Southwestern Ontario. New technology provides very practical options. We make sure that the interface is simple and easy to use, no matter how sophisticated the system. We also offer intercom system integration.

Door access design & installation methods

When you partner with Unique, you benefit from over five decades of door access, intercom design and installation experience. In card access installation, it is important to have low-voltage electrical experience coupled with a deep knowledge of door hardware. Door access control can get very complicated, and there are a good amount of compatibility issues during installation. In order to ensure that the system is reliable and durable, we work directly with our vendors and distributors so, your system is designed and installed using the best possible equipment.

We always look for ways to increase your protection, and decrease your cost. One method we often employ is to integrate card access equipment into a security system. This allows the control panel to serve two purposes.

Door access control system equipment

We put a great deal of research into the door access control equipment we choose to adopt. There are many devices used for verification:

  • Biometrics – Read a Fingerprint or Retina Scan, in order to verify that a person is verified for access. An advantage with these readers is that users are not required to carry around a card, but these devices are more expensive than the alternatives.
  • Proximity Readers – Much like a credit card the presence of the card is used for verification. These cards can also serve as a Company ID card, and can also incorporate RFID technology.
  • Proximity Tag/Fob – Using Radio Frequency Technology (RFID) a small plastic key fob signals access. A key fob will conveniently fit on your key ring, and it is very durable (it is hard plastic and waterproof).
  • Numeric Keypads – a numeric code must be entered for verification.

Access control systems allow for constant supervision and reporting of who, when and where a door has been entered, and also offer many other options. Our systems are designed and installed with expertise and discipline, but we also make sure that our customers are well-trained to get the most out of their systems. Just one more reason why you should only trust the experts at Unique to design and service your access control system.