Alarm Monitoring Home

Remote monitoring of your home

Control your security system remotely with 24/7 access to your security system from your mobile device:

  • Receive email or text alerts of system activity
  • Schedule messages to be sent to you phone or device
  • Arm / Disarm
  • Monitor sensor activity
  • Control appliances, thermostat, lights

Unique Communications Inc. is the best home security choice. Be confident and rest assured when your security system is being monitored via a ULC approved monitoring station 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. Unique offers several proven ways to have your system communicate with the monitoring station.


Your system uses a landline phone connection to communicate the monitoring station. This is now being considered out dated technology. New or existing alarm panels can be upgraded to cellular technology.


Your system uses a cellular up-link to communicate with the monitoring station. This type of monitoring is considered more reliable because your alarm system will not go down if the telephone lines are cut. Cellular monitoring is also faster than landline connection.