Can I Control My Alarm System from My Smartphone?

Installing a monitored alarm system from Unique Communications Inc. is the best ways to protect your investments. It’s especially valuable for business owners, whose property may be a conspicuous target for thieves.

It wasn’t long ago when you needed special equipment to manage your alarm system. These days, you can conveniently control your alarm right from your smartphone.

However, it’s important to select an alarm system that has been designed with this in mind. Not all of today’s alarms have the capability to tie into your smartphone.

Pro: You Have Total Visibility into Your Alarm System
With the right system, you can do it all: Get email and text alerts of alarm activity, monitor your motion sensors, and control smart devices. That can include your thermostat, lighting, and various appliances all with the touch of a hand.

Pro: You Can Help Your Employees as Necessary
Mistakes and accidents happen. Since you have the ability to arm and disarm your system at will, you can make sure employees won’t have problems with the system during a late closing, a turnaround shift, or other situations where an unintentional alarm trigger is more likely.

Pro: You Get to Enjoy True Peace of Mind
Business owners can rest easy knowing their property is truly protected. Dedicated criminals can spot fake alarm systems and surveillance cameras, but a real system is a powerful deterrent. No more worrying a criminal targeting your business right under your nose.

All in all, business owners find a smartphone-enabled alarm system is ideal for their business and piece of mind.

Find out more from the experts in telephone, data, and security today, contact Unique Communications Inc.

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