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5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Break-Ins

Businesses are among the most tempting targets for burglars. They come in search of cash and pricey equipment they can haul away. Luckily, you can make a break-in much less likely if you take a few commonsense steps to protect your investments. These five tips can help you prevent break-ins – and foil any that…
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Why Your Office Needs An Access Control System

Access control means restricting access to locations or equipment to only those personnel who are truly authorized to use them. An access control system is the most effective way to protect your business investments, such as expensive equipment or sensitive computer systems. Access control is an essential part of a modern office. Here’s why: Access…
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Is 2019 the Year to Get a Surveillance Camera System?

Concerned about the security of your business? Now’s the time to consider a surveillance security camera system. Every year, more and more business owners are making the decision to invest in a CCTV to protect their investments. Surveillance camera systems are a versatile and powerful solution that can defend you from a wide range of…
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Can I Control My Alarm System from My Smartphone?

Installing a monitored alarm system from Unique Communications Inc. is the best ways to protect your investments. It’s especially valuable for business owners, whose property may be a conspicuous target for thieves. It wasn’t long ago when you needed special equipment to manage your alarm system. These days, you can conveniently control your alarm right…
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The 4 Advantages of Installing Security Cameras for Your Business

Nobody wants to live in fear of crime. However, business leaders in Windsor have to do everything possible to defend their investments. A security camera is a smart, low-cost way to harden your business against a variety of issues. It can even help you maintain a healthier balance sheet. If you haven’t thought much about…
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