5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Break-Ins

Businesses are among the most tempting targets for burglars. They come in search of cash and pricey equipment they can haul away. Luckily, you can make a break-in much less likely if you take a few commonsense steps to protect your investments.

These five tips can help you prevent break-ins – and foil any that do take place:

1. Start With a Good Lock

A strong lock significantly increases the time it takes for a burglar to enter the premises. This will discourage many would-be criminals, disturbed by the prospect of drawing attention before they even have the opportunity to ply their insidious trade.

2. Advertise Your Security

Security has a deterrent effect only if potential lawbreakers are aware of it. If your business or home is situated in an area with a neighborhood watch, post signs to that effect. Likewise if you are using an alarm system or cameras tell them you are secure. Knowing they’re there won’t make them any easier to avoid!

3. Set Up Lots of Light

Not surprisingly, most break-ins take place at night. Offenders rely on the sparse crowds and cover of darkness to go unnoticed. With plenty of exterior lighting, it is much easier for someone to catch sight of a burglar’s face – they know this, and may simply move on.

4. Sound the Alarm

A monitored alarm system is imperative for preventing business or home break-ins. Without one, the risk a burglar takes is dramatically lowered. A monitored central alarm that signals the security monitoring station is, in many ways, the most effective approach. This greatly increases burglar apprehensions, too.

5. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras have many positive effects on a business, reducing shoplifting and employee-related losses. However, they really shine when there is risk of burglary. Not only do they spook most burglars, but they can be used to help authorities find and prosecute attempted burglaries.

Security cameras and CCTV means 24-hour protection for your enterprise. This is much more efficient and cost-effective than relying on employees to monitor systems.

Don’t take the risk so many business owners have and find yourself paying to install security measures after a break-in has already taken place. Contact our experts at Unique Communications Inc. today to find out more about security cameras, CCTV, and other cutting-edge security solutions for businesses just like yours.

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